Blonde Hair With Dark Red Lowlights – Get The Perfect Look For 2023

Brown Hair With Red Highlights And Blonde Lowlights blonde with red

Are you looking to change up your hairstyle for 2023? If so, one of the hottest trends this year is blonde hair with dark red lowlights. This gorgeous look can be achieved in a variety of ways and is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Read on to learn more about why this look is so popular and how you can get it for yourself.

One of the reasons why this look is so popular is that it is incredibly versatile. You can wear it with a variety of different outfits and hairstyles and still look stunning. Whether you’re going for a more natural look or an edgier style, this look can be tailored to fit your needs. Plus, the dark red lowlights really help to add some depth and drama to your look.

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Another great thing about this look is that it is relatively easy to achieve. You don’t have to be a professional stylist to get the look you’re after. All you need is the right products and a bit of patience. You can choose to get it done at a salon or you can even do it yourself at home. Either way, the results will be stunning.

How to Get Blonde Hair With Dark Red Lowlights

If you’re looking to get blonde hair with dark red lowlights, the first step is to decide on the shade of blonde that you want. If you’re going for a more natural look, you may want to opt for a lighter shade of blonde. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something a bit more dramatic, you can go for a darker shade. Once you’ve chosen the shade of blonde that you want, you can move on to adding in the dark red lowlights.

The best way to get dark red lowlights is to ask your stylist to add them in with a balayage technique. This technique involves painting the lowlights into your hair with a brush. This allows for the lowlights to be placed strategically to create the perfect look. Once the lowlights have been added, your stylist will likely finish the look with a glaze or toner to help bring out the color even more.

Maintenance Tips for Blonde Hair With Dark Red Lowlights

Once you’ve achieved the look you want, there are a few things you can do to help keep it looking its best. First, be sure to use a shampoo and conditioner specifically for color-treated hair. This will help keep your color looking vibrant and prevent it from fading too quickly. You should also use a heat protectant spray before using any heat styling tools to protect your hair from damage.

Additionally, it’s important to use a deep conditioning treatment once a week. This will help to nourish and hydrate your hair, keeping it healthy and looking its best. Finally, be sure to get regular trims to keep your hair looking its best. This will help to keep split ends at bay and ensure your color looks fresh.


Blonde hair with dark red lowlights is a stunning look that is sure to turn heads this year. It’s versatile, easy to achieve, and relatively low-maintenance. If you’re looking for a way to switch up your look, this is definitely an option worth considering. With the right products and a bit of patience, you can get the perfect look for 2023.