Candy Of Mice And Men-Character Physical Appearance

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John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men, is a classic tale of friendship and hardship. In the novel, the characters of George Milton and Lennie Small are joined by a third character, Candy. Candy is an older ranch hand who has a unique physical appearance. In this article we will explore the physical characteristics of Candy and how they affect his character.


Candy is an elderly man, who is described as having a “shapeless face” and a “bent body”. He is also described as having a “stooping” walk, which makes him seem even more aged and frail. His face is wrinkled and his hands are worn and calloused from years of hard work. He has lost a few fingers on his left hand, which makes him even more physically vulnerable. His overall appearance is of a man who has been weathered by life.

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Candy’s clothing is equally worn and faded. He wears a “shapeless, sagging” hat and an old, patched jacket. The jacket is so old and worn that it has lost its original color. He also wears a pair of overalls that are stained and patched. His clothing is a clear indication of his poverty and his lack of material possessions.


Candy’s physical appearance is a reflection of his personality. He is a timid and meek man who is easily intimidated. He is also loyal and hardworking. Despite his age, he continues to work hard on the ranch and is willing to do whatever is asked of him. He is also desperate to hold onto some security and finds solace in George and Lennie’s friendship.


Candy is an important character in Of Mice and Men and his physical appearance is an important part of his characterization. His aged and worn body reflects his poverty and his timid personality. He is a loyal and hardworking man who is desperate for companionship and security. His physical appearance is an important part of his character and helps to tell his story.