How To Host An Epic Cookie Decorating Party

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If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your friends, family, or co-workers, why not host a cookie decorating party? Cookies are a great way to celebrate any occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a holiday, or just want to get the gang together, cookie decorating is a great activity that everyone can enjoy. You can have a fun time decorating cookies, and you’ll end up with delicious treats to eat. Here are some tips on how to host an epic cookie decorating party.

Choose the Right Cookie Type

The first step to a successful cookie decorating party is to choose the right type of cookie. You want to choose a cookie that is easy to handle and won’t crumble apart when it’s decorated. Sugar cookies are the most popular choice for cookie decorating, as they are relatively sturdy and hold their shape well. You can also use gingerbread cookies, which are a festive option for the holidays. If you want to get creative, you can even make your own cookie dough and cut out shapes.

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Gather Supplies

Once you’ve selected your cookie type, it’s time to gather your supplies. You’ll need cookie cutters, rolling pins, cookie sheets, parchment paper, icing bags and tips, candy sprinkles, and any other decorations you might want to use. Make sure you have enough supplies for each guest, so everyone has a chance to decorate their own cookies. You can even find special cookie decorating kits that come with all the supplies you need.

Set Up the Decorating Station

When it’s time to start decorating, you’ll want to set up a designated decorating station. Set up a table with enough space for everyone to work comfortably. Place the cookie sheets, parchment paper, and all of your supplies on the table. You can also provide aprons to keep everyone’s clothes clean. Once everything is in place, it’s time to start baking the cookies.

Bake the Cookies

Baking the cookies is the most important step in the cookie decorating process. Follow the recipe carefully and make sure you bake the cookies until they are golden brown. Once the cookies are done, let them cool completely before you start decorating. If you’re using store-bought cookie dough, make sure to read the instructions on the package.

Decorate the Cookies

Once the cookies are cool, it’s time to get creative. Provide everyone with an icing bag and let them start decorating their cookies. You can also provide candy sprinkles, colored sugar, and other decorations for them to use. Encourage everyone to be creative and have fun with their designs. Once everyone is finished decorating, let the cookies dry completely before you move them.

Serve the Cookies

Once the cookies are dry, it’s time to serve them. Arrange the cookies on a platter and set them out for everyone to enjoy. You can also provide a selection of beverages, such as coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. Make sure to have plenty of napkins and plates on hand, so everyone can enjoy their delicious creations.

Clean Up

Once everyone has finished eating, it’s time to clean up. Make sure everyone helps to clear away the cookie decorating supplies and wash the dishes. You can also save the decorated cookies for later by wrapping them in parchment paper and storing them in an airtight container.


Hosting a cookie decorating party is a great way to have fun with your family, friends, or co-workers. All you need is the right supplies and some creativity. Make sure to choose the right type of cookie, gather all of your supplies, bake the cookies, and decorate them. Then, serve the cookies and clean up when you’re done. With these tips, you’ll be able to host an epic cookie decorating party.