Lenten Banner Designs: 2023 Style

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It’s the time of year when churches begin to prepare for the upcoming season of Lent. As part of the preparations, some churches opt to use Lenten banners to decorate the sanctuary and to remind worshipers of the season. This year, Lenten banner designs have come a long way from just plain crosses and purple cloth. Nowadays, churches can choose from a variety of styles, colors, and materials to make unique Lenten banners that fit their own personal style.

When it comes to Lenten banner designs, the options are endless. Most churches opt for either traditional designs, such as a cross or a dove, or something more modern, such as geometric shapes or abstract art. In addition to the design, churches also have the option to choose from a variety of materials, including fabric, paper, and plastic. This gives churches the opportunity to create a banner that is both visually appealing and cost effective.

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Traditional Lenten Banner Designs

Traditional Lenten banner designs typically feature religious symbols such as a cross, dove, or fish. Many churches also opt for traditional colors for their banners, such as purple and black. These colors represent the season of Lent and its associated themes of repentance, sorrow, and mortality. Other churches may choose to use more unique colors and designs to represent the season.

One popular traditional design is a banner featuring a single cross in the center. This design is a simple yet powerful reminder of the Christian faith and the season of Lent. Other popular designs include crosses with words like “Hope” or “Peace” and banners featuring a dove, which is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. For a more modern twist, some churches opt for banners featuring geometric shapes, such as stars and circles.

Modern Lenten Banner Designs

In recent years, more churches have begun to opt for modern Lenten banner designs. These designs tend to be more abstract and feature bright colors and unique shapes. Popular modern designs include banners featuring abstract art, geometric shapes, and bright colors. Some churches even choose to use modern materials, such as reflective plastic, to create unique banners that stand out from the crowd.

In addition to modern designs, some churches are opting for banners featuring spiritual messages. These banners often feature words such as “Peace” or “Love” and can be used to remind worshipers of the importance of the Lenten season. Other churches choose to use banners with nature-inspired designs, such as birds and flowers, to remind worshipers of the beauty of nature and God’s creations.

DIY Lenten Banner Designs

If you’re on a tight budget, there’s no need to worry. You can still create beautiful Lenten banners without breaking the bank. One popular option is creating your own DIY Lenten banners. With a few simple materials, such as fabric and paint, you can make your own unique banner that fits your church’s style and decor.

In addition to fabric and paint, you can also use items such as ribbons, beads, and buttons to create unique designs. The possibilities are virtually endless. You can also find a variety of templates online that you can use to customize your own banner. Once you’ve created your own design, you can hang it in the sanctuary or give it as a gift to a special someone.

Where to Find Lenten Banner Designs

If you’re looking for pre-made Lenten banners, there are a variety of options available. Many religious retailers carry a selection of traditional and modern Lenten banners. You can also find a selection of banners online through websites such as Etsy and Amazon. These online retailers often have a larger selection and lower prices than traditional stores.

No matter what kind of Lenten banner design you’re looking for, there’s sure to be something that fits your church’s style and decor. Whether you’re looking for a traditional design or something more modern, you’ll be able to find the perfect banner for your church this Lenten season.


Design Description
Traditional Religious symbols, traditional colors, and simple designs.
Modern Abstract art, geometric shapes, and bright colors.
DIY Create your own design using fabric and paint.
Online Various retailers sell pre-made Lenten banners.

No matter what kind of Lenten banner design you decide on, it’s sure to be a beautiful reminder of the season of Lent. Whether you choose traditional, modern, DIY, or even something completely unique, your church will have a banner that fits its style and decor. So don’t wait—start looking for the perfect Lenten banner design for your church today!