Making A Permanent Ice House Plans: A Comprehensive Guide

Ice house plans hit the rocks as planning bosses urge refusal

Making a permanent ice house plan is no easy feat. It requires a significant amount of planning and preparation. The planning process involves a variety of considerations, and having a comprehensive plan is necessary to ensure the success of your project. This guide will walk you through the steps of creating a permanent ice house plan and provide you with the resources you need to make it a reality.

Step 1: Assess Your Space

Before you begin to plan, it is important to assess how much space you have available. Consider the height, width, and length of the area and determine how much space you can realistically work with. This will help you determine the size and shape of your ice house.

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Next, consider the climate in which you live. In colder climates, an ice house will require more insulation and a sturdier structure to withstand the cold temperatures. In warmer climates, an ice house may require more ventilation and air circulation to keep the temperature cool enough for storing food. Knowing the climate in which you live is essential for planning your permanent ice house.

Step 2: Choose a Design

Once you have assessed the space and climate in which you live, you can begin to choose a design for your ice house. There are many different designs available, so take some time to explore the options to determine which one is best for your needs. Consider factors such as insulation, ventilation, air circulation, and overall aesthetics.

In addition to choosing the overall design of your ice house, you should also decide whether you will be using a pre-made kit or building the entire structure from scratch. Pre-made kits can be a great option if you want to save time and money, but they may not provide the customization options that a custom-built ice house would.

Step 3: Plan the Construction

Once you have settled on a design, it is time to plan the construction. Start by making a list of all of the materials and tools you will need. Consider the size and shape of the space, as well as the type of insulation and ventilation that will be required. Once you have your list, create a timeline for the construction process.

If you are using a pre-made kit, follow the instructions carefully and make sure to pay attention to the details. If you are building the ice house from scratch, make sure to research the techniques and materials that are necessary for the job. You may also want to consult with a professional contractor for assistance.

Step 4: Install the Insulation and Ventilation

Once the construction of your ice house is complete, it is time to install the insulation and ventilation. Insulation is essential for maintaining a cool temperature, and ventilation is necessary for air circulation. Make sure to research the best types of insulation and ventilation for your climate and make sure to install them correctly.

Step 5: Accessorize and Furnish

Finally, it is time to accessorize and furnish your ice house. Consider adding shelves, a refrigerator, or other storage options. You may also want to consider adding a heater or dehumidifier to help regulate the temperature and humidity of the space. Once you have accessorized and furnished your ice house, it is ready to use.


Making a permanent ice house plan is a great way to store food and beverages for long-term use. It requires careful planning and preparation, but if done correctly, it can provide you with a reliable and efficient way to store food. Follow the steps outlined in this guide to create a permanent ice house plan and make sure to accessorize and furnish your ice house for the best results.