Recipe For Clear Toy Candy

Children of Pennsylvania Dutch descent in the 1800s would wake up on Christmas morning and dash downstairs to check their stockings to see whether ChristKindl, an ancestor of the modern-day Santa Claus, had left them any gifts. Children in Pennsylvania Dutch households would celebrate Christmas Eve by leaving a plate on the table in the hope that it would be filled with nuts barley candy recipe, an apple or an orange, and clear toy sweets.

Toys were hard to come by for children from low-income households barley lollipops recipe, so having a toy that they could really consume was a welcome relief.

Recipe For Clear Toy Candy

After the children were finished using them as toys christmas clear toy candy, they would wash them and then eat them.

Recipe For Clear Toy Candy
Recipe For Clear Toy Candy

Tools for the production of transparent toy candy

Cooking the sugar syrup in a skillet that has a pour spout makes it much simpler to afterwards fill the molds with the syrup. You can use anything as simple as a sauce pan, or you can go all out and use a copper candy-making pot.

A candy thermometer that clips on is an absolute must.

You can discover vintage transparent candy molds for sale on eBay and Etsy, as well as at yard and garage sales, flea markets, and other types of antique markets and shops.

Deliciously Straightforward

The most common recipe is a straightforward one that calls for corn syrup, sugar, water, and, if desired, food coloring to be combined into a solution clear christmas candy. Some manufacturers now add flavors, but if you want the classic taste that so many of us grew up with and identify with clear toy candy, leave out the added tastes. The flavor of clear toys is based on the relatively simple ingredients, so adding flavors will not change the flavor profile (which some people describe as akin to cotton candy).

It’s a Tradition in the Keystone State

Toys with a clear finish are uncommon to find in states other than Pennsylvania. Before 1850, German immigrants to the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area of North America brought the first molds used to produce clear toys to this country. These molds were brought over by German immigrants. Because Philadelphia served as a hub for the sugar trade, the area around the city developed a thriving candy manufacturing business clear toy barley candy.

Which one is it, “Clear Toy” or “Barley Sugar?”

Clear molded sugar candy is also referred to as clear toy candy and barley sugar, however these terms are not always used synonymously with one another. Cane sugar is used in the production of traditional “barley sugar,” whereas current clear toy candy is manufactured using pure water rather than barley water. The previous word “clear toy candy lollipops” became generalized and was applied to a wide range of boiled sugar sweets during the 1800s, which is the source of the confusion that currently exists.

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Clear Toy Candy Molds

How do you keep hard candy clear?

Powdered sugar typically includes cornstarch as a preventative measure against caking, which is when the sugar congeals into a solid mass after it has absorbed some moisture. Therefore, using powdered sugar to coat your candies rather than cornstarch is simply an alternative method.

Can you pour hard candy into molds?

The only kinds of candy molds that are not appropriate for use with hard candy are those made of flexible rubber (these are the molds that are used to manufacture cream cheese and butter mints), and molds made of clear plastic (which are used to make chocolate and soap). Before they can be used, molds for hard candy must first be cleaned and oiled.

Can you make rock candy in a silicone mold?

It is possible to utilize silicone molds to manufacture hard candy or lollipops; however, the molds must be safe for use with heat, which not all silicone molds are. Be cautious to verify the labels; the products should withstand temperatures of at least 350 degrees. This kit would be useful for making creative shapes, and this set would also be useful for making suckers.

What does barley sugar candy taste like?

These are manufactured from sugar in its purest form and frequently contain an extract of barley, which lends them an unusual flavor that is not overly sweet. Cane sugar was initially dissolved in barley water before being boiled to produce barley sugar. Additionally, there is a hint of citrus in this preparation.


Recipe For Clear Toy Candy – Do not worry if you do not have any molds; simply oil a metal cake pan and pour the syrup into it until it reaches a depth of about 14 of an inch. As it continues to harden, score the surface with a knife so that it can be broken into pieces that are easily chewed.

Your experiments in manufacturing clear toy candy will be more successful on a day that is chilly and dry, despite the fact that you have no influence over the schedule that mother nature follows.