Rolesville Charter Academy Reviews: A Comprehensive Look Into North Carolina's Top Charter School

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Rolesville Charter Academy is a public charter school in North Carolina that was established in 2013. The school is part of the Wake County Public School System, and it serves students from kindergarten through eighth grade. It is the highest-rated charter school in the state, and it has won multiple awards for its academic excellence. In this article, we’ll take a comprehensive look at Rolesville Charter Academy reviews to help you decide if this is the right school for your child.

Rolesville Charter Academy Reviews: Academic Excellence

Rolesville Charter Academy is known for its academic excellence, and it consistently ranks among the top schools in the state. The school has earned an A+ rating from the North Carolina Department of Education, and it was recently named a National Blue Ribbon School. In addition, it has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education for its commitment to closing the achievement gap. Students at Rolesville Charter Academy are also well-prepared for college, as the school offers Advanced Placement classes and has a 100% graduation rate.

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Rolesville Charter Academy Reviews: Extracurricular Activities

Rolesville Charter Academy offers a variety of extracurricular activities for its students, including sports, clubs, and special interest groups. The school has a strong focus on the arts, and it offers classes in music, theater, and visual arts. It also has a thriving robotics program, which has won multiple awards at state and national competitions. In addition, the school offers a variety of clubs and student organizations, such as the National Honor Society, the Science and Technology Club, and the Green Team.

Rolesville Charter Academy Reviews: Faculty and Staff

Rolesville Charter Academy has a highly-qualified faculty and staff. The school is proud to have teachers with advanced degrees, such as Masters and PhDs. In addition, the faculty and staff are dedicated to providing a safe and supportive learning environment for all students. The school also has a diverse faculty and staff, and it is committed to promoting cultural understanding and acceptance.

Rolesville Charter Academy Reviews: Parent/Student Opinion

Parents and students of Rolesville Charter Academy are overwhelmingly positive in their reviews of the school. Parents appreciate the quality of the teachers and the emphasis on academic excellence, while students enjoy the wide range of extracurricular activities and the vibrant school culture. In addition, parents and students are generally happy with the safety and security measures taken by the school, and they appreciate the friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Rolesville Charter Academy Reviews: Parent/Student Resources

Rolesville Charter Academy provides a variety of resources for parents and students. The school has an active parent-teacher association that meets regularly to discuss school-related issues and to coordinate events and activities. The school also has an online parent portal where parents can access important information and documents. In addition, the school provides free tutoring and academic support for students, as well as after-school programs.

Rolesville Charter Academy Reviews: Tuition and Financial Aid

Rolesville Charter Academy is committed to making a high-quality education accessible to all students, regardless of their financial situation. The school offers a variety of tuition payment plans, and it also has a financial aid program for families who qualify. In addition, the school provides a number of scholarships and grants to students in need.

Rolesville Charter Academy Reviews: Conclusion

Rolesville Charter Academy is a top-ranked public charter school in North Carolina. It offers a high-quality education, a wide range of extracurricular activities, and a supportive learning environment. Parents and students are overwhelmingly positive in their reviews of the school, and they appreciate the tuition and financial aid options. If you’re looking for a high-quality education for your child, Rolesville Charter Academy is definitely worth a look.