Summermoon Moon Milk Recipe

Summermoon Moon Milk Recipe – Whether you’ve moved away or you just want some for home, I know what it’s like to miss the specialty of your favorite coffee shop. It’s only natural that you’d want a recipe for moon milk coffee, since you’re craving it so much! Good to see you!

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Summermoon Moon Milk Recipe

Now that we have that out of the way, moon milk summermoon let’s begin with some questions on this popular item.

Summermoon Moon Milk Recipe
Summermoon Moon Milk Recipe

Moon Milk: Is It Possible to Prepare It at Home?

Even though very few individuals are privy to moonmilk coffee authentic and official moon milk recipe, everyone is welcome to take a stab at it and give it a shot! The recipe that I have provided for you should result in something that is quite similar to moon milk; therefore, it is unquestionably something that you should try out for yourself.

How Many Calories Does One Serving of Moon Milk Contain?

The moon milk offered by Summer Moon contains one tablespoon’s worth of 37 calories. One solitary creamer pod is approximately equivalent to one tablespoon of the product (15ml, depending on the company).

What exactly goes into making moon milk during the summer moon?

Unfortunately for me, Summer Moon has kept the recipe for moon milk a tightly guarded family secret. The recipe for moon milk has not yet been made public, in contrast to the formula for Jimmy John’s Kickin’ ranch, which is made from scratch on the premises. This is because to the fact that the summer moon coffee moon milk is pre-mixed before it arrives to

What Kinds Of Things Are Included In The Summer Moon Milk?

To tell you the truth, all I was able to do was compile the best guesses that other individuals had. I spent twenty minutes searching around The Forbidden Forums (you know… Reddit!) to find out what Moongoers believed the ingredients of their summer moon holiday hours to be, and then I produced a list of the responses that I found. It goes from the most popular opinions to the least popular opinions, with the most popular opinion being the belief that Summer Moon makes their moon milk with some kind of soft-serve vanilla ice cream mix. This is by far the most popular opinion.

The following are the results:

Possible Ingredients: Vanilla, vanilla ice cream or vanilla syrup (8 votes)

Sugar (7 votes) (7 votes)

Milk (5 votes) (5 votes)

Heavy cream used for whipping (3 votes)

Sweetened condensed milk, cinnamon, corn syrup, honey, and Torani syrup (all 2 votes each)

Moon juice diluted with creamer, half-and-half, alternative milk, or creamer and half (2 votes)

Maple syrup, almond extract, alternative sweetener, simple syrup, hazelnut syrup, smoked cream, MSG, butterscotch, horchata, eggnog, and marshmallow fluff are some of the ingredients that are included in this recipe (all 1 vote each)

What exactly is coffee made with moon milk?

Moon milk from Summer Moon is a signature sweetened creamer blend that is created, sold, and served by summer moon milk. It should not be confused with moon milk that is prepared using Ayurvedic principles.

What Are the Steps to Making Moon Milk? Summer Moon

Prepare milk

The first step in making summer moon nutrition is to put a quarter of a cup of milk into a mug that can be heated in the microwave and heat it for forty to fifty seconds. Then take it out and place it in a basin that is approximately the size of a medium bowl, making sure to remove any skin that may have formed prior.


After having your white chocolate squares sliced into quarters or eighths, put them to the bowl. Immediately after that, add the sugar, skim powder, and vanilla extract. Before mixing the ingredients, give them a quick stir until they are roughly combined; if the mixture is too thick for a whisk, you can use a fork instead. Continue doing this step by step until the sugar and chocolate are completely dissolved in the milk. Put it back in the microwave for twenty seconds if it isn’t mixing, then give it another shot after that.


After those have been fully combined, begin adding the corn syrup, one teaspoon at a time, while continuing to stir the ingredients together. To accomplish this, you can even transfer some of the initial sugar-milk mixture into a more manageable-sized bowl in order to give the corn syrup a greater opportunity of combining with the other ingredients. After that, proceed in the same manner with the sweetened condensed milk. At this stage, you can also sprinkle a little bit of any syrup that you intend to use later on in the recipe.

Let cool

Next, let the mixture to come down to room temperature, or you can even speed up the process by placing it in the refrigerator. It is imperative that you remove it from the refrigerator before it truly begins to cool, as the ideal temperature for it is somewhere in the middle of room temperature and lukewarm.

Add cream

After the mixture has been brought to the appropriate temperature, all that remains to be done is to add the heavy cream. Slowly incorporate the heavy cream while continuously stirring the mixture as you go. After everything has been incorporated, you are finished! To check if it brings back that Summer Moon flavor, try adding a tiny bit to your coffee and seeing what happens.


Refrigerate for up to three days if stored in a jar that has been thoroughly cleaned and has a lid that fits snugly.

Moon Milk Nutrition During the Summer Moon

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Summer Moon Nutrition Menu

What is in the Moon Milk at Summer Moon?

What exactly is this “Moon Juice”? Moon Juice is our alternative to dairy-based milk sweetener, and we make dairy-free Moon Milk by mixing it with either oat, soy, almond, or coconut milk.

What is Moon milk made of?

Moon milk is a warm beverage that is said to have originated in Ayuverdic traditions. It is commonly created by combining honey, cinnamon, and cow’s milk together. The drink is typically drank right before one goes to bed as part of the ancient holistic practice of Ayuverda. It is touted as a treatment for sleep deficiency in this tradition.

How often should you drink Moon milk?

Moon milk is a beverage that is traditionally consumed right before going to bed, and it is made up of a mixture of adaptogens and spices that are supposed to promote restful sleep. Herbs and plants are considered adaptogens when they have been utilized for a number of years in Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world’s oldest holistic treatment systems.

What is in a Summer Moon Blue moon latte?

A delightful combination of bittersweet chocolate, whole milk, and our distinctive Moon Milk, steamed to the point where the richness and creaminess of the chocolate are brought out to their full potential. This nutty variation on our classic half-and-half Summer Moon Latte consists of shots of our velvet blaze espresso, which is smooth and silky, topped with equal portions of our rich moon milk and almond milk.


Summermoon Moon Milk Recipe – In case you are not aware with it, Summer Moon is a tiny coffee shop franchise that has been around for twenty years and originated in Austin, Texas. To this point, the retail establishments can be found in a total of four states: Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin respectively.