The Minimal Mom Bundt Cake Recipes

The Minimal Mom Bundt Cake Recipes – Because this chocolate sour cream bundt cake recipe is So My spouse made the kind offer to purchase me a cake, but at this point in my life, I’m at the stage where I can’t just eat whatever is put in front of me!

It is imperative that the cake be delicious if I am going to consume it given the number of calories it contains. And this chocolate sour cream bundt cake is one that will never, ever let you down! My family only ever requests that I bake this particular cake on special occasions.

The Minimal Mom Bundt Cake Recipes

We put it to use for everyone’s birthdays dawn madsen book, baby showers, and any other reason we can think of to have a good time and celebrate!

The Minimal Mom Bundt Cake Recipes
The Minimal Mom Bundt Cake Recipes

AND, it is a piece of cake!!! It is as simple as throwing all of the ingredients into a bowl and stirring them together. After that, pour it into a bundt pan that has been oiled thoroughly and bake it! After you’ve created it a few times, you’ll be able to determine the ideal length of time to put it in the oven and bake it. In my experience, exactly fifty minutes has passed (dawn minimal mom!).

It doesn’t matter how you prepare it, it will ALWAYS end up being EXTREMELY MOIST! Therefore, make sure to carefully monitor the time. When you insert a tooth pick into the mixture, it should come out with a very faint coating on it.


I would like you to know that I have prepared this dish more than a dozen times, and with each iteration, I have dawn madsen church some little tweaks. Here is the tried and true method! Having saying that, feel free to make whatever modifications you deem necessary. Because of the diversity of people’s preferences, it’s always enjoyable to combine a few distinct kinds of chips and fillings.


1 package of 15.25 grams of Devil’s Food Cake Mix (chocolate cake mix will also do!)
1-3.4 oz. pkg. Instant Chocolate Pudding in a Jar
1 tablespoon of Sour Cream
4 Eggs
1/2 ounce of Hot or Cold Water
1/3 c. Vegetable Oil
1/4 cup of chocolate syrup (such as Hershey’s Syrup, which is used as a topping for ice cream)
1 tsp. Vanilla
1 tablespoon of miniature chocolate chips
1 jar of Cream in container Optional cheese frosting (there’s a chance you won’t use it all!)


Set oven temperature to 325 degrees. You can use a stand mixer, a hand mixer, or just your hands to thoroughly combine all of the ingredients, with the exception of the chocolate chips and the frosting. After adding the chips, give the mixture a quick stir so they are uniformly distributed. Pour into a Bundt cake pan that has been buttered thoroughly. Bake for fifty to seventy minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out slightly covered but not wet. Take the pan out of the oven and let it sit there for twenty minutes. Flip the bowl over onto a plate or cake stand. Allow to cool to the touch before applying the frosting, despite the fact that it tastes best when served slightly warm!


In most cases, I use cream cheese frosting that I bought from the grocery. This budget-friendly option from Aldi is serviceable, but the cream cheese frosting from Betty Crocker is my go-to choice. (Nearly everytime, somebody asks me whether it was created from scratch!) In addition to this, I usually use a gallon-sized ziplock bag that has one of its corners snipped off so that I can dispose of it after I’m finished!

Are you hesitant about applying the frosting with a pastry bag? There is always the option of re-warming it in the microwave for around 30 seconds. Then you should give it a good stir and heat it for a few seconds more in the microwave if it isn’t “pourable.” Once it has reached the consistency of almost liquid, you can pour it over the cake so that it runs down the sides; I’m telling you, you can’t mess up the frosting on this chocolate bundt cake!

When we have guests around, we frequently utilize bundt cakes as a centerpiece due to the fact that they look so impressive, and this chocolate sour cream dawn the minimal mom cake is NOT an exception to that rule. And I know I’ve mentioned this before, but this time I’m not joking: if you bring this someplace, people WILL ask you for the recipe, so make sure you have it handy! 😉

Other amazing bundt cake recipes (that begin with a mix!) are as follows:

I really do hope that you have a chance to try out this recipe for Chocolate Sour Cream Bundt Cake, and if you do, I think you’d also be interested in trying out this recipe for Chocolate Oreo Bundt Cake: The Piece of Cake Bundt Cake is a Triple Fudge Oreo Cake minimal mom course.

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And when autumn comes around, I can’t get enough of pumpkin bundt cakes! This bundt cake is my absolute favorite for the fall season. It is INCREDIBLY MOIST and TASTEFUL, too! It doesn’t matter what kind of gathering you bring it to, it’s guaranteed to be a success!

Or, minimal mom decluttering if you have someone in your household who adores vanilla cake (this is my husband, and to tell you the truth, I don’t see why!! But here’s one for them to consider as well! This White Chocolate Vanilla Bundt Cake is SOFT and DELICIOUS, and it definitely won’t let you down!


The Minimal Mom Bundt Cake Recipes – I really hope that each and every one of these bundt cakes is enjoyed to the same degree that we do, because in our opinion, they are truly the BEST!

Happy bundt cake baking!