Why Is Mcdonald's Coffee So Bad?

Is McDonald’s Coffee Actually Good? Perfect Brew

When it comes to fast-food coffee, McDonald’s is typically at the bottom of the list. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the United States, Canada, or the UK, McDonald’s coffee is generally considered to be sub-par. But why is McDonald’s coffee so bad? That’s the question we’re going to answer in this article.

To start, it’s important to consider the way McDonald’s sources their coffee. While most companies will source their beans from a single origin, McDonald’s chooses to blend beans from different parts of the world. This allows them to create a more consistent flavor, but it also means the quality of the final product is lower than if they were to source from a single origin. They also tend to use lower-grade beans, which doesn’t help the flavor either.

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The next factor to consider is the way that McDonald’s prepares and stores their coffee. The coffee is brewed in large batches, which can lead to inconsistency and a lack of freshness. The coffee is also left sitting out for long periods of time, which can lead to a stale flavor. The equipment used to make the coffee is also not of the highest quality, which can lead to poor extraction and an off-taste.

Why Does McDonald’s Coffee Taste Bad?

At this point, it should be clear why McDonald’s coffee tastes bad. The beans they use are of lower quality, they use a blend of beans from different regions, and the way they brew and store the coffee leads to a stale and off-tasting cup of joe. But why does McDonald’s continue to serve such a bad cup of coffee?

The primary reason is cost. McDonald’s is a fast-food chain, and their focus is on providing cheap, quick meals to customers. They aren’t focused on providing the highest quality coffee, and so they opt for lower-cost options. This means using lower-grade beans, blending beans from different regions, and using less-than-optimal brewing and storage methods.

What Can You Do About It?

If you’re looking for a better cup of coffee, there are a few things you can do. First, you can avoid purchasing coffee at McDonald’s altogether. There are plenty of other places that offer better coffee, and you can usually find them for a similar price. Second, if you must buy coffee at McDonald’s, you can ask for a double-brewed cup. This will help to make the coffee a bit stronger and more flavorful.

You can also try to find a McDonald’s location that uses a higher-end machine. Some locations have upgraded to machines that use higher-quality beans and better brewing methods. If you can find one of these locations, you’ll be able to get a better cup of coffee. Finally, you can always bring your own coffee with you. A good coffee mug and a bag of freshly-ground beans can make a world of difference.


At the end of the day, McDonald’s coffee is not going to be the best cup of joe you’ll ever have. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cup of coffee at McDonald’s. By following the tips outlined in this article, you should be able to get a decent cup of coffee from McDonald’s. Just remember to keep your expectations in check, and you should be able to enjoy your cup of coffee.